Monday, March 17

Kiriman Halimah Jaafar - *Penting*

srat khabar star... 28/12/2007...dimaklumkan bhwa paderi malaysia....agama kristian skg tgh wat prmohonan kat mahkamah nk tukar name tuhan mreka dr jesus ke ALLAH...kowg taw x ape mksud dye nk wat cam tue....coz dowg nk sestkn akidah umat t rmi r owg yg msuk agama kristian klo nme jesus dtkar kew ALLAH...wei...tolong r forward kan... skang nie mahkamah ngah wat kputusn...why ulama brdiam diri sdgkn kes itu akan brleluasa...t rmi remaja islam murtad...tolong selamatkan islam..
korang leh click kat sini :

ataupun, ni sy da copykan keratan tu..

Catholic paper files writ of summons

PETALING JAYA: The publisher of Herald - The Catholic Weekly has filed a writ of summons and a statement of claim in the Kuala Lumpur High Court to seek appropriate declarations of the use of the word "Allah".

The publisher said in a statement released Thursday that the Internal Security Ministry had issued a series of directives to the publisher to cease the use of the word "Allah" in the weekly.

The publisher also said that if they failed to do so, the publication's permit would either be suspended or revoked.

"We have decided to have our legal position to use the word determined by the courts," the statement said.

The weekly's editor Reverend Father Lawrence Andrew said that the writ was filed on Dec 5.

The 13-year-old paper, which carries reports about the Catholic community in English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese, has a circulation of 12,000 for its members.

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