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Pengujian Azan (UIA) - Dalam Memori


Date & time :

23 September 2006 ( 10 a.m to 4 p.m )
Category A ( 7 – 12 years )

24 September 2006 ( 9.30 a.m to 3 p.m )
Category B ( 13 – 18 years )

Venue : Pre-function area

In conjunction with the Al-Qur’an: The Sacred Art of Revelation & Ilmuwan Islam Exhibition, the Azan Accessments were held at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia for two days. The objective of this programme is to instill a feeling of confidence in the heart of young Muslims when pronouncing the azan in front of a crowd. This programme seek to expose the participants and the audiences to the various techniques or styles of azan.

On 23rd September 2006, 30 participants aged 7 to 12 years old entered the assessment for Category A. They came from various primary schools in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. The Azan Assessment began at 11 a.m as soon as the participants have registered and listened to the briefings on the rules of the Azan Accessment which were given by the judges.

The asssessment was divided into 2 rounds. For the preliminary round, the participants will call out the azan within the allocated time. Each participant has been given a maximum of 5 minutes. Judges for this Azan Accessment were Ustaz Munif and Ustaz Amir Hezam. Ustaz Munif is well-known for assessing the lagu (melody), suara (voice) and tertib (etiquette) ( 40 % ) while Ustaz Amir Hezam is an expert in the tajwid and makhraj ( 60% ). From the preliminary round, the best 10 participants were selected to compete at the final round.

The first-prize winner will receive RM500, second-prize winner will obtain RM300 and third-prize winner will recieve RM150. Whereas, 7 lucky participants will receive the Consolation Prizes. The Cash Prize was sponsored by Takaful Malaysia Berhad and the souvenirs for the consolation winners were given by Halagel Malaysia.

Below are the names of the winners:

1st prize : RM500
Mohd.Aidil Amsyar B. Mohd. Radzief from Sekolah Agama Rakyat Al-Kahfi (11 years)

2nd prize : RM300
Mohd. Nabil Bin Sarpin from Sekolah Agama Rakyat Integrasi Al-Kahfi ( 11 years )

3rd prize : RM150
Mohammad Ammal Shafiq Bin Osman from SK Taman Midah 1 ( 11 years )

Consolation winners (souvenir sponsored by Takaful & Halagel)
1. Amin Al-Hadi B.Abdul Hadi from Sekolah Taman Ilmu dan Budi ( 9 years )
2. Yuhan Kuek from Sekolah Islam Adni ( 7 years )
3. Muhamad Wali B.Ismail from Sekolah Taman Ilmu dan Budi ( 11 years )
4. Ahmad Safiuddin Ahmad Fakhri from Sekolah Islam ADNI ( 12 years )
5. Mohd. Hafiz Bin Salim from Sekolah Bangsar ( 12 years )
6. Omar B. Abdul Rashid from Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Padang Tembak ( 10 years )
7. Muhammad Khalis B.Khalil from SRA Al-Ummah ( 12 years
On the next day ( 24 September 2006 ), Pengujian Azan for category B ( 13 to 18 years old ) took place at the same venue. Participants registered as early as 9.30 a.m and before joining the launching of the Tadarus al-Qur’an at the Inverted Dome area. After the launching ends, Pengujian Azan began at 11 a.m. This time, 27 participants took part in the assessment. Due to the first day of Ramadhan, time of the programme was shortened as there is no final round and judges have to choose the winners from the 27 participants. The previous judges resumed their responsibility in evaluating the participants. Below are the names of the winners for category B:

1st prize : RM500
Muhammad Miftahuddin Bin Sufyan from SMA Persekutuan Kajang ( 14 years )

2nd prize : RM300
Abdullah Mohammad Bin Tajuddin from SMKA Maahad Muar ( 16 years )

3rd prize : RM150
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Razali from SMK Bandar Baru Bangi ( 16 years )

Consolation winners ( souvenir sponsored by Takaful & Halagel )
1. Ahmad Anwari B. Razali from SMKA Persekutuan Kajang ( 16 years )
2. Muhammad Yusuf B. Roslan from SMK Bandar Damansara 1 ( 14 years )
3. Mohd. Amirudin B. Hj. Ismail from SMKA Persekutuan Kajang ( 17 years )
4. Wan Muhammad Ashraf B.Wan Sabri from SMKA Persekutuan Kajang ( 14 years )
5. Muhammad Lutfi B. Mohd. Afami from SMA Maahad Muar ( 13 years )
6. Ahmad Izzat B. Halim from SMA Maahad Muar ( 13 years )
7. Abbas B. Shabuddin from Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah ( 17 years )

On 23 September, CEO for Takaful Malaysia Berhad; Encik Azmi Bin Abu Bakar kindly came to support the programme and also presented the prizes to the participants from Category A. He praised the programme for it has been held successfully and hopes to see it be held again in the future. Whereas, on the next day Puan Nureshah Malik, an executive producer from TV3 presented the prizes to the participants from Category B.

TV3 has covered the entire programme which will be featured on MHI.

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